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7th & 8th Grade Strings Members Only Page

Use the free version of Quicktime 7 to play the .mp3 files on your computer.

By using the A/V controls you can adjust the tempo without changing the pitch. Slow down the selection that you’re practicing.     Click here for a demo movie.

You can also play along using headphones half on. That is, one ear covered, and the other open to your instrument.

Practice for Accuracy at Slower Speeds

Research studies show that accuracy at a slower speed will lead to better technique at faster speeds with consistent and focused practice.

Please listen to the sound clips by clicking on the Listen... .

Click on Link to Stream Audio

Ctrl-Click or Right Click on Link and “Save Link as” .mp3 audio file

Download Practice Copies Below

Click on link to download part(s).

Dance of the Tumblers from “Snow Maiden” - Rimsky-Korsakoff, arr. Dackow

Dance of the Tumblers Violin 1.pdf

Dance of the Tumblers Violin 2.pdf

Dance of the Tumblers Viola.pdf

Dance of the Tumblers Cello.pdf

Dance of the Tumblers Bass.pdf

Dance of the Tumblers Score.pdf

Dance of the Tumblers.mp3

Chorales (#1 & #2)

7.8 Chorales.pdf

Swallowtail Jig

SwallowTail Jig Violin.pdf

SwallowTail Jig Viola.pdf

SwallowTail Jig Cello.pdf

SwallowTail Jig Bass.pdf

Viking - Soon Hee Newbold

Viking All String Parts.pdf

America - My Country t’is of Thee (Melody)

America My Country Tis Of Thee Melody.pdf

Linus & Lucy

Linus and Lucy - Full Score.pdf

Perpetual Motion

Perpetual Motion Violin.pdf

Perpetual Motion Viola.pdf

Perpetual Motion Cello.pdf

Perpetual Motion Bass.pdf

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Below, you will find recordings and YouTube videos of the repertoire.

Further down, you can download practice copies of the music.